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Due to the many requests I've been getting on a port to W8, I decided to give it a go -
It didn't really go too well, with Stylebuilder W8 support still being beta and stuff, I ran into quite a few problems and had to reformat a few times. Thank you Microsoft for making it so hard for us to create art with your OS!

Anyway, the port is almost complete and should arrive shortly, as long as I can be sure it's truly stable.
It should be there within two weeks hopefully.
You know, school and stuff.
So today I was at my sister's helping her painting her new flat.
Then after a long day of work, when I was done, I took my phone out to check a few comments and bam. What do I see? "Congrats for the DD". I was like "wha? congrats for the DD?"
It took me a minute to realize, haha. Planisphere got featured as Daily Deviation. I went into hyper-happy mode for about 30 mins before I could calm down a bit.

Thank you so much Jamie ( neiio ) for the feature and to everyone who's added the theme to their faves!
And all of the awesome comments I've been getting of course :D

Looking back to 2009, when I got my first DD (… ), it's been some time and I feel I have improved a lot, both in the way I design and in the way I actually put themes together.

Anyway that's about it, I'm off to bed :D
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Anyone out there who can give me a hand with modifying system files? I'm talking explorerframe.dll and explorer.exe here.
I'd do it but my Restorator is acting up!
Anyway if you're willing to give me a hand add me on skype: adrien.fuckyou (yeah I know, don't ask)

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  • Listening to: J.A.C.K - Living iPod
Brace yourselves, it's coming.

Brandon-G rocks.
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Experimenting doesn't always go right
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Hey there peeps!

Sorry for the lack of consistent work for almost two years.. Got a bit busy with life and stuff and somewhat lost interest, but I feel the need to get back to it now!

I was thinking of maybe making a "Kiilki 2" theme sometimes soon.
I'll definitely make a mockup for it, but I wanted to know if there would be enough interest to push me and actually make a whole theme for it.

Or maybe something else. But it sounded like a good idea to me!

Preview of Kiilki 2:
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My new account is soiaa
Feel free to follow me there :)
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Journal Entry: Thu Nov 26, 2009, 8:53 AM

What is DitchDefault?
It is a DeviantArt group dedicated to customizing Windows. As the name suggests, default just isn't good enough for us. We are on an endless search to skin, customize, and resource hack our way to an interesting and unique looking desktop.
It is the intention that as soon as DA releases the new group features that are being worked on, DitchDefault will become a full-fledged group.

What are the aims of DitchDefault?
They are 3-fold
1) To link and network application skinners and desktop customizers alike, hopefully leading to more cooperation and collaboration between customizers
2) To feature quality art from the Desktop Customization scene.
3) To inspire and help newcomers to the Desktop Customization arena.

What is the focus of DitchDefault?
Though customization related to Linux and OSX Customization may be featured as part of this group, in effort to keep the group manageable the group will initially be focused on primarily Windows Customization. Once the group has been up and running for a while we will assess whether Linux and OSX customization would be better fitted to their own groups or whether to integrate them into DitchDefault.

Who can join?
Well anyone can watch, ask questions, chat and be involved in the group.
But at some point there will also be members in the group delegated certain responsibilities. We do not wish for this group to be exclusive, nor for it to be a group of a few people that think they know everything. It will be moderated and managed to the point that is necessary. The structure of this administration will be worked out in time.

How can I join?
To join simply :+devwatch: DitchDefault
However if you want to commit to being an active member of the group please leave a comment on the page with something to the effect of "I'm in!"

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Taking a lil' break.

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 11, 2009, 11:49 AM

Not much inspiration for the moment.. Might not release anything for awhile.
I started 2 new themes for 7 but I don't think I'll finish 'em soon.
Might do another collab with Satukoro in the future.. Would be fun, lol
We'll see what happens..

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Soooo !

I've been asked why there are parts with black text over black backgrounds on my dark themes.
Unfortunaltely, every single dark theme encounters this problem. Some text colors can't be changed (I believe they're hardcoded somewhere, just like the caption button size).
I know it's annoying, but I can't do anything about it. I did my best to get the most text colors to gray, or light gray.

On another note. I'm currently making a new VS, see it here.
I'm quite happy with it. It's called Kiilki. :la:
I'm doing my best on this one to improve the usability. As well as skinning more in-depth, skinning little details (that's something I don't usually bother doing).
The startmenu won't include the right panel, nor the shutdown buttons, NOR the all programs link (see screenshot). Yeah I know most of you will complain, but I won't change it. I made it the way I like it. I'll include Log Off and Shutdown shortcuts, so you can drag/drop them on your startmenu. I recommand using ObjectDock, so you can have your folder shortcuts. And if you need more, you can use the Favourite links panel, on the left of the window.
Oh and. I'm going to install 7 soon enough. So you might expect a 7 version of Kiilki too.

Btw, wtf microsoft?
The startbutton in explorer.exe? Is that a joke?
How about the caption buttons in shell32.dll while they're at it.
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... And I have a lot of messages.

I tried to answer everyone, but I skipped all the polls and jounrals, sorry everyone lol.

I'll be making a new VS soon, finishing up Anesthetic and mess up making some mods here and here with a few interesting styles i've seen some mins ago.
The vacation in the Canary Islands was awesomely great. I saw lots of things and it really wasn't like I expected. It's volcanoes all over the place there. Well I have some pics. I'll probably try to get them off the iPod and post them here..
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Hey, summer's here and I've been working on a colorful mockup that I'll certainly make into a visual style when I get back from Africa, so that's about the end of august, maybe september. Being helped by Satukoro, haha, that guy is awesome ;) I'll post the mockup soon for you guys to see.

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I won't be on from July 4th to August 24th, cause I'm going on vacation to the Canary Islands. Can't wait :D
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Terminal's progress is at like 98%.

Release date : Saturday, may 30th.

I'm so excited :D
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Woot ! It's coming people ! I apologize if the work has been stopped lately, but now we're back on working on the VS, Satukoro and me. Might expect a release soon enough. :)
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Alright, well I've been asked to release that VIP substyle which can be seen on my last shot, and I thought I could maybe just update the other substyles to look like that one, and make another private substyle for the workers later. So, Terminal VIP will now become Terminal RWND. I already updated FFWD and the normal style aswell. But, concerning the pink one, I'm not very sure about it. Doesn't please me that much, so I might not release it.. I'll see later.
Updates of screenshots soon.
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Hurra for :iconicountthestars: ! This guy, he's so nice, he gave me his VSB. Like, I can't believe it, really.. I'll get alot faster now, and it will be a hell of a lot easier. I couldn't thank him enough, never. Everyone says thanks to him ! haha :D
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Hello guys, just telling you something, if you would want to support me, you can always donate me on my paypal account which is
If I get enough money (around 17€ ) I will buy Vista StyleBuilder. That would speed up my work alot.
If you want to donate something; please, send me a note, tell me who you are. That would be very nice. Thanks for your support, I appreciate it.
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Hey guys. This time I'm not telling you I made a new substyle, no, but asking if someone would be interested to work with us. That person would make the wallpapers to go with the suite. If you're interested, contact me.